For every online store, or otherwise said, a website dedicated to online marketing, it is essential that it has an SSL certificate installed. We, at Elenkov.NET, are well aware of that and we are ready to help you.

To ensure that the data of every user who visited a site is protected, for several months now, leading Internet browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome have also announced that they have an SSL certificate. This way you can safely surf them without worrying about the security of your data. In case you log on to a web site or an online store and you do not notice that the page does not have an SSL certificate, you should be cautious as this means that this link is not secure.

In this line of thought, it is expected soon that the leading Google search engine will completely cut off access to websites without this important certificate to fully guarantee the privacy of millions of users. Those who would suffer most from this are online stores, as well as sites where each user has his own account. Later on other websites on the web will also be affected by this – at least until each of them has a legally installed SSL certificate.

The SSL certificate is now being implemented by more and more specialized software companies as well as web and graphic design firms, and our company specializes in this area.


Any online store, corporate and personal website, or blog that is not certified by this system will soon lose positions on the global network.

In such cases, browsers on such websites will inform visitors that their personal data is not secured and the page does not provide user security.

This reflux of consumer trust will also lead to a decline in sales, deals, current visits, in addition to the loss of future and potential customers and visitors as a whole.

The options in this situation are two and none of them work in favour of the uncertified website. With the first one, there is a real danger that your visits and sales will fall and eventually you will go bankrupt. In the latter, the most likely option is after a while the website can no longer be opened.


To ensure the smooth development of your website (no matter if it is a website, an online store, or a personal blog), it’s best to install your SSL certificate in a timely manner. So when you open it, the browser will notify users that your site is secured. Because of this, your domain will be trusted by visitors and the biggest plus for you and your business is that internet search engines such as Google will rank your site higher when searching in the global network.

Защо да инсталираме SSL сертификат

At the rapid pace of development that responds to changes in the industry, today there is a wide variety of paid and free certificates for every site. Prices vary for paid installation. The fee is not only for the installation, but also for the necessary settings and configuration for optimal performance of the SSL certified website – especially if it is more complex and heavy. At we approach each order individually.

In any case, practice indicates that the price is individual for the installation of the certificate, depending on the specifics of the web site, online store or blog, but it is by no means inexpensive. However, the cost of installing only includes the service, and not the amount you need to purchase the appropriate SSL certificate (provided you have chosen the paid and more secure version), which of course must have already been pre-purchased so that our specialists who advise you and install the program will have access to it once they start certifying your website.

Please send us an inquiry and we will answer you within 24 hours! If you are unable to send us your question by email, you can call us on our phone number: 0878588388 or through our chat and arrange a meeting to discuss the project personally.


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