From the moment you decide that your site has an urgent link for SEO optimization, do not hesitate to contact us immediately and consult the webdesign@seo studio Elenkov.NET in case you want the job to be done professionally and have the desired effect which will increase your visits and sales.

It’s a fact that SEO optimization is extremely important for the quality work of every site, but in order to ensure its best positioning on the internet search engines, our professional consultations will include advice, development guidelines and ideas on how to achieve this.

It is a common rule for us to consult the client either by visiting, by phone or through Skype. Payment of the service also varies depending on the complexity of the task, the labor intensity, the duration and the methods chosen. А subscription is also offered for long-term service with good fee reductions. Usually, initial free counseling is also offered, after which the overall strategy for optimization will be agreed upon. However, it can be said that an effective optimization of a site that takes it to the top of the search engines takes three months to half a year, and the desired effect occurs within two months after the procedure.


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Consultations include components such as the need to rebuild and optimize various aspects of web sites, a detailed audit of their structure, a review of the keywords used (and how competitive they are), an assessment of the cross-site internet search, social networking etc. Only after analyzing the website is it decided whether to proceed to full optimization or only to be satisfied with OnPage SEO or OffPage SEO optimization.

Once done, the SEO optimization of a site requires regular monthly maintenance to ensure targeted site ranking on search engines on the web.

Elenkov.NET has been a part of the market for a long time, works only with proven professionals and we can offer you qualitative and efficient consultations for SEO optimization at good prices. Once you decide to take this step, be ready with your know-how about what exactly you want to do with your site so that it can climb the leading search engine rankings and then after seek advice from our professionals. Our specialists will direct you to the method, which will help achieve your goals. There are a great variety of methods – white hat seo, gray seo, black seo. Our staff will also offer their professional expertise on whether changes are needed to the keywords used or other parameters of the website.


When the optimization of your site has already been made, the effects of it will soon be visible. It will soon be among the top ten sites in the leading search engines, traffic will increase and so will user visits. At any rate, you should always be mindful of your competition on the web and your own strategy to develop and promote your site so that it attracts traffic and reports good sales. The subsequent building of corporate authority of the site and the publicizing and marketing activities for its development and advertising are also subject to following consultations with the professionals of Elenkov.


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