Every web site that works on the web undoubtedly needs SEO auditing and SEO optimization to work as efficiently as possible and to meet its goals. Web site audits are done by professionals over at webdesign@seo studio Elenkov.NET through special analysis that thoroughly inspects their status and efficiency with respect to the realized traffics, maximizing their optimization for the leading internet search engines and the quality of their work.

A complete audit of your website will reveal all of its advantages and disadvantages for most of which you may have never suspected, and will enable our business professionals to give you advice on what exactly needs to be changed in order to make it more successful, popular and visited, and also what to do about its SEO optimization.

The site’s audit is a complex analysis of its effectiveness and its technical parameters, which identify errors in the functioning of the relevant website and are therefore removed. The most common failures found in most Internet sites are those related to security, boot speed, the proper functioning of page components, flawed links in the site.


Аn analysis is also done of the current possibilities of the web site to function properly and adequately in the way it was assigned so that it performs its tasks the way it was set (so-called Usability analysis). It is based primarily on the visitors of the site and not on the exploiting owners. This analysis aims to eventually rearrange the content to better target visitors, adding or removing certain highlights on the site, depending on whether they are unpleasant to the guest or attract him. Ultimately, everything is aimed at getting visitors to focus on the site’s main purpose, not leaving it disappointed, and having a reason to return to it, while promoting it on the web by doing so.

In the audit, it is also very important to mark the definite target group of the web site by analyzing the visits to it – what kind of people are searching for it, what keywords they use, which search engine they prefer and if they find you easy, are their expectations satisfied after visiting the site and what exactly were they hoping to find in it. We will help you with this, as well.

The competitive environment on the Internet is also the subject of analyzes when making an audit of the site, especially with regard to sites ranked ahead in the most popular search engines on the Internet. In this respect, the analysis looks at what makes them search engine leaders, what keywords they work with, what are their usual strategies for SEO optimization, what traffic and quality of content is in these competing sites, what the advertising and marketing tricks are that help them be at the top.


Finally, after making a detailed SEO Audit of the site, a thorough analysis of its SEO optimization is done so that it climbs up the leading internet search engines. Your keywords are analyzed and checked if they are placed in their exact place in the text materials of the site. The location of your website at the moment in the major search engines is analyzed so as to see what can be done to improve the existing situation in this aspect. Parallel observations of your page and the competing sites are also analyzed, as well as whether the SEO optimization used adequately meets your needs in order to ultimately analyze the corporate loyalty that your site expects to inspire from customers, partners and competitors on the Internet.

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