Every business that has an adequate presence on the web needs a quality online analysis to help him in the constant fight to prove himself in the midst of increased competition on the global network. Through it, you can keep a close eye on how your business evolves, what its presence is in the industry, is your brand recognizable by consumers, where you stand, compared to the positions of your direct competitors, what you need to work on in the future. We at Elenkov.NET can help you with all of this.


Analyzing the behavior of your potential and current clients can be done in many places, including statistics from visits to your online store or website, your ad campaigns, and the response to them, the popularity of your Facebook company profile, from consumer demand in large internet search engines. This way, you can analyze how active users are and what else can be done to make your site even more desired, popular, and affirming the corporate identity of your brand to customers and partners. Consumers are analyzed in all possible ways and on the basis of social status, demographics, interests, purchasing power, regional distribution, age, gender.


Онлайн анализ

Online analysis as a powerful marketing tool contains several key components that check your presence on the web while saving you money, effort and time.

An analysis of the site itself draws conclusions about whether your website has a truly effective online presence and how effective it is in the role it has to do in your business development. It finds and removes all the flaws that impede its functioning, an assessment of the design and the work of the various programs is made and also the completeness and the attractive supply of information, articles, services, contacts, the degree of SEO optimization for better ranking in the search engines and a number of other aspects of analyzing the working web site.

By analyzing competing web sites and companies from your online marketing sector on the Internet, Elenkov.NET’s specialists will compare the strengths and weaknesses of your site with those of the rest of the industry. This will help you navigate through the current situation and build innovative development plans with which you will always be at least one length in front of competitors. It will also attract more customers, clients and partners to your project on the Internet.


Analyzing the weak and strong aspects of your project on the internet, also called – SWOT analysis, enables you to overcome gaps and weaknesses, to avoid mistakes and at the same time improve your corporate image by developing a strong and competitive website, providing the most attractive information about the ideas, products or services you offer. The best online experimenters after such an analysis often manage to turn the site’s flaws into strengths and use them to their advantage, leaving the competition far behind. In a nutshell, online analysis helps increase your site’s popularity, attracts more traffic, and leads to increased visits and sales for the business you’ve decided to develop on the Internet, under the cruel competition from all over the world.

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