For your brand to be recognizable, to look attractive and trustworthy, you need to choose the right logo design to help publicize your brand in front of the world. The logo design is your trademark, your company’s symbol, the face of your corporate identity. In it, the company’s name and its main activity must be presented in an effective and recognizable way. The logo design can represent all sorts of variations formulated to your taste and judgment, such as a certain font, a graphic (symbol) chosen by you or the amalgam of both basic elements.

Logo design makes your business recognizable to consumers, reinforces its stability and presence in the industry, helps promote your business and inspires trust in customers and partners at first glance. It must be simple enough so it can be glued into your mind from the moment you saw it, even if it’s just once, but also attractive enough to attract attention every time people come across it. When designing the logo, it is also necessary to take into consideration that, in case of future use it must be easily placeable on a variety of formats and types of advertisements such as banners, advertising boxes, folders, chemicals, cups, business cards, handbags, banners, posters, appropriate and good looking both in web and in print advertising.


Изработка на лого

By hiring a specialized company like Elenkov.NET to design your logo design to your taste and / or project, our professionals will fully comply with your guidelines and ideas, your preferences for font, graphics, test and colors , with information about what your main activity is, your branch affiliation and the sector in which you operate. For this, our graphic designers are the best who can take care of the job so you can make the most out of your ideas when they are realized and actually present on the market.

In our company we offer our customers a variety of catalogs for every logotype created with the different logo variants, which can be used in different cases when needed and at the discretion of the clients. To go from idea to realization, you first need to look for our help and to clarify with us what the requirements and preferences for your logo design are. Then, together with you, our graphic designer will make a conceptual idea and a conceptual project of your company logo so that the logo fully meets your needs, helps popularize and promote your brand, attract more and more new customers, and lead to better financial results for your business.


Once created, your logo design can be used extensively to impose your own brand and activity by advertising itself to consumers and the industry. Whenever you think it’s time to redesign your logo, you can easily contact our graphic designers who will help you make it even more up-to-date and attractive, while at the same time preserving its continuity with its previous version, made with the help of your chosen logo design.

Elenkov.NET also offers many other services related to logo design, such as individual graphic and logo design, vectorization in project design, description of color coordinates, curve conversion.

Please send us an inquiry and we will answer you within 24 hours! If you are unable to send us your question by email, you can call us on our phone number: 0878588388 or through our chat and arrange a meeting to discuss the project personally.


Logo design
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