If you choose to advertise your business and your site in Google Adwords and attract users and customers, you first need to know that when using this program to advertise your activity, they only charge you for a real click of the visitor on your banner. Typically, click fees are not high and they vary according to your own business and how well the ad is structured.

It’s important that your ad budget is optimized in such a way as to get the lowest possible tariff of your clicks while at the same time attracting a large number of visitors that click your banner – which also directly depends on the most accurate definition of your own target group. At the same time, your ad is freely (and free of charge) visible to countless Internet users (possibly millions) and indirectly affects them and their consumer attitudes, and they do not even have to click on it to pay for your promotion.

Additionally, it is important that your site is optimized and tuned so that only users within your target audience can see your own ad all the time, factually targeted to them. Elenkov.NET specialists can provide you with quality advice for all of this.


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To top it all off, the Google AdWords Advertising Platform does not have rules that regulate how little financial resources you can determine for yourself, including one that is valid for one day or one click of a visitor.

The platform currently records all clicks on your advertising materials and all their possible views from users, so you can always control your ad budget and know exactly how things are going.

Google AdWords has a high level of security, and to make sure you’re using the platform properly and securely, it’s a good idea to hire our specialists to organize your ad strategy. They will advise you on how to optimally use your advertising budget, outline the right methods of action in the ad platform, the efficient steps, and how to avoid the risk that your advertised services or goods do not fall into the list of those who have a ban on commercial promotion on the Internet.

Optimally chosen keywords, as well as their exact configuration, also have an extremely important role to play in achieving your Google AdWords advertising goals, and as well as how much you will pay at the end.

Cheap clicks, increased traffic to the website, more users and customers – that’s your goal.


Elenkov.NET specialists will help you reach that and will advise you throughout the duration of your advertising campaign personally, over the phone, via e-mail or Skype, so that your clear goals, advertising budget and search target audience to be under full control.

By doing this service, our company provides its clients with monthly reports showing all clicks and ad previews, in addition to how your ad budget is currently going. In any case, if you’ve chosen the right strategy for your marketing and the services of our management specialists, there’s no reason why Google AdWords advertising will not be successful for your business, and it’s not even going to cost you that much.

Please send us an inquiry and we will answer you within 24 hours! If you are unable to send us your question by email, you can call us on our phone number: 0878588388 or through our chat and arrange a meeting to discuss the project personally.


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