If you develop your own business online, but your online store is not going well, it’s not rated well in the search engines and sales are low then it’s time to develop your advertising and marketing strategy in Facebook. We know that the most powerful social network has millions of users, so advertising your business there is more than appropriate. Even in our country, more than 2,000,000 users have their own Facebook accounts, and if you have your corporate social networking profile, it will be a powerful platform for redirecting users to your online store so you can increase website traffic and realize more and more deals.

The cost of creating and maintaining a company Facebook account is far from high, and you may also invest in offers for legally attracting fans with authentic social network profiles (typically from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands), and in popularizing your page. Attracting fans, a feature offered by Elenkov.NET, is done with a like button, which is placed on the most visited websites in the country, many of which are news.


Маркетинг във фейсбук

Statistics show that the more users click the like button that leads to your corporate website, the higher the traffic to your online store will be, and that will make it more popular and sought after. Data also shows that these users are in the active age (15-56 years) and the percentage of visitors who like and see your news or offers by clicking on your link is more than good. Then they are all your potential regular customers. The next step is to proceed to real deals.

Facebook advertising also leads to a more prestigious ranking in the top positions in keyword search, products, or services. Therefore, it is advisable to program your website using external applications so that any new interesting post in your site is published by default on your Fasebok page to constantly attract users’ curiosity and interest in the social network.

In addition, when designing and maintaining your Facebook account, we also offer multiple services to our customer. These include designing your Facebook account, apps and promotional games with social networking bonuses, promoting information, advertisements, promotions, discounts, a mini company website and a fan site in Facebook.


In order to advertise successfully in Facebook, you need to develop an innovative marketing strategy, constantly attract new users to your corporate page through social media, increase traffic to the site, eventually make money from the presence of the profile there. Reaping the fruits of your labour takes place in several basic ways. These include the advertisement of your corporate web site and corporate social networking news through publications, creating your own mini site in Facebook through special settings on your corporate Facebook page, placing a subscription button on your Facebook account and an adequate selection for your own url address.

If you do all of this and you bet on the enhanced advertising of your online business in Facebook, backed by an adequate and powerful marketing strategy, we guarantee you increased traffic, many new customers and clients, successful sales and affirming your brand on the internet.

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